Thursday, May 3, 2012

He Should Have Ordered the Soup

With a mixture of disbelief and rage she packed her suitcase.  More disbelief really, because she was still in shock.  Her bureau drawers pulled open by varying degrees, she took out the items of clothing  she deemed to be essential.  When her hand brushed the soft silk of her new blouse-celadon green with a lettuce edged hem-she hesitated. She’d bought the blouse for their anniversary. Even so, she decided to bring it.

Sure, she was no Virginia Mayo, but still, she wasn’t a bad looking tomato.  She could turn heads. Some guy had even whistled at her yesterday.  Why then, would Joe do this to her?  Rage overtook  disbelief, burning her cheeks. 

Though she felt like she might be losing her mind, she must not forget to take her handbag along.  Joe had given her grocery money yesterday, and as was her usual habit, she had tucked it safely inside the small coin purse she kept in the front zipper pocket of the bag.  What a relief to know she did not need to worry about having enough bread for her bus ticket.

No possible explanation from Joe would be enough to save his bacon now.  She knew his secret.  Closing  her eyes, she watched herself replay the events of that morning.  Pulling clothes from the washing machine.  Discovering the sodden slip of paper that had accidentally been laundered along with his dress shirts. Trying to decipher what was written on the soggy note.  It was unreadable, except for a couple of smudged numbers, and those initials.  B.L.T.  Betty?  Barbara?

She was not stupid, and she was certainly not in a forgiving mood. What she was though, was hungry.  She fancied she might grab a sandwich at the bus depot.  After she bought her ticket, to where ever it was she decided to go.  Eat it on the way, while she plotted out her future.

Peanut butter and jelly sounded good.

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